Just a few thoughts on why I would do this.  

In 1980 I joined the Army. It was a privilege and an honor to serve. It was a different time for the nation. I served in a relatively peaceful time for the country both at home and abroad. I had the chance to serve in Germany,and I saw Berlin before the wall fell. Although I spent a short time in the Army it left a lasting impression on my life. The people I met and the places I got to visit will always be with me.

Today our military serve in a different environment. We have embarked on the longest active war in our 240 year history. Unlike any war before we now have an ALL VOLUNTEER MILITARY! These brave service members stand up over and over again to keep us safe and warm in a lifestyle few countries can ever dream of. While I have been thanked several times for my service (and it was my honor to do it) it feels hollow to me to say that to the ones that wear the uniform today. The sacrifice that they and their families have made leaves me in awe.

So with the help of some friends, we have put together this mission to send free coffee to our active service members. Why coffee? It really is a simple thing but we take it for granted. For many of us it a ritual, we wake up in the morning and pour a cup. If we are lucky, we get to share that cup with a loved one or a friend. In a way I hope it will allow you to share a virtual cup with your special one. It a small gesture to let those brave men and women in uniform know that we remember and we care.   

Until You’re Home Safe, Happy Sipping 

Cheryl V. Norton


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